water logged

we've clocked so much pool time the last week we had to take a break!
i am so glad these boys love it so, but it's definitely not an easy job for this mama.
 when we took the day off from pool-time & sun exposure & stayed in most of the day ... it was surprisingly peaceful.
usually being cooped up has the opposite effect, and i'd be itching to hit the pool
which may have answered my life-long quandary why people who live near the beach hardly every go to the beach... 

we played cars, colored, ate a big breakfast and a big lunch (pretty sure we were all a little starving, it's hard to get enough to eat when you're running circles around the pool all day.) took long naps, and got our life into (semi) order.

Hayes wanted to show you his two hot dogs and his nest of green eggs. after he made them he said "peech?" (picture) and then "cheese!" and then "show mama" which means i need to show him the picture i just took of him, and he laughs and points and says almost sighingly "Hayes." he was so proud. 

i feel really blessed and lucky that i get to spend my days with such amazing and cool little boys. i love them to the moon of course, but i really like them a whole heap too. they're always game for a new adventure and we've got quite the list for them this month!

as for this weekend, we're taking Downtown Provo by storm tonight with a Memphis at Station 22 and then Rooftop Concerts (The Moth and the Flame, Desert Noises & Timmy the Teeth.)

Saturday my dad is getting married to a wonderful lady with 3 awesome kids - my side of the family has grown exponentially over the last couple years and although divorce hurts like hell, brining new members to the fold has been a great blessing in our lives thus far. 

and equally important - we'll be getting our first sno-cone of the season. bahama mama with a scoop of vanilla on the bottom for me, please! and coconut for the boys (or whatever other flavor they have that's clear.)

have a good first weekend of the SUMMER!

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