lou lou & company

Lou Lou and Company sold for their very first time at Bijou in April. 
we held a vendor-wide vote and they won the prize for best shop display.
the amazing thing about it is they didn't really have an elaborate "display" system per se, they just had such an amazing variety of goods both small and grand that it created a feast for the eyes.

Lou Lou is made up of three beautiful sisters who live here in Utah as well as California. i made fast friends with them - i couldn't help myself - they're funny, stylish, & as you can see, talented.

they were so nice to offer everyone 15% off their entire shop! 
(enter the code "rfloulou1" at checkout, code is valid until June 7, 2012) and even nicer to help me put some finishing touches on our master bedroom & bathroom.
here's a peek, click through to see the rest!

my very favorite product they offer are the tassel garlands, shown above in white, cream, gold and silver.
they add an instant sense of festiveness to any setting and i would gladly hang them in every corner of my house.
i added them to a shelf of my vintage/thrifted glass vase collection
that sits under a trio of ikea prints.

you know these guys weren't too far from the action...
Cal slays me in this one below. you can't see his smile, but the way his eyes crinkle and turn up, you know it's there.

Hayes asking his new favorite question "mommy wha you do-ee?"

 i am the least feminine decorator out there, but without fail every time i decorate a bathroom it ends up feeling really feminine and pretty. dreamy, frilly, sweet and precious are words i don't mind when describing bathrooms. is that the weirdest??

in our master bedroom, i hung the lime, aqua, turquoise, orange, silver tassel garland over the Rorsach painting out of reach of tiny hands. and tucked their handpainted & pillow in the middle. it's really great quality, and i think it would make the cutest little wedding gift, or a quirky addition to a couch or bed full of pillows.

i am so happy with these new additions. our room and bathroom are sort of the heart and soul of our house, we spend a lot of time in both and i love feeling like it's a party in there.

needless to say, i am totally smitten with their shop. i'm saving up for their chandelier, and truly would get a lot of miles out any of their 11 different tassel color combos. they have original art, accessories for kids, huge maps, hand bound books (neon and triangles!) 
head over to see the rest of their impressive shop and enter "rfloulou1" at checkout for 15% off until June 7, 2012!

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Grace Lynne Fleming said...

absolutely adorable :)


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