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i can't think of a better way to kick off summer then going to an outdoor concert!
Russ and i saw Blind Pilot, The Head & The Heart, and The Shins last night and it was so so good.
each band was at their best and the venue is so gosh darn beautiful it seemed to instill a good mood in everyone. got me so excited for the handful of concerts we've got on the agenda during these warm months.
via @kyleerowley
 i am totally inspired by music festival fashion. i pulled several of my favorites from Coachella & SXSW this year.

what maybe the most inspirational thing about it is there is really no formula. it goes by a "live and let live" or "wear and let wear" motto. if there's a pattern below at all it's a killer pair of shoes, and a whole heap of accessories.

original pins found here.

in real life:
[floral dress:: Gap Kids] (from probably 1996 -  see? hoarder.) [cardigan:: Old Navy] 
[over the knee socks & sunnies:: F21] [moccs*:: Minnetonka] [hat:: Urban Outfitters]
as far as Russ's outfit goes:
he'd rather die.

we met up with our friends the Rammell's & shook our little booties & loved life. 
a quality date with muffin is always just what the doctor ordered.

also if you're looking for some outdoor shows to hit up this summer
might i suggest:
the (now $5, hallelujah let's weed out the hobos!) 
beach house! austra! kathleen edwards! m.ward & devotchka!
Neko Case's headlining show at the Utah Arts Festival.

it's going to be a good summer, folks!


chari-o said...

don't you dare get rid of that gapkids dress either! i've got plans for it when you're done ;)

Brissa said...

finally!!! no more hobos!!! i love that picture kylee took.

kylee said...

i feel so honored to see my picture up on your blog! last night was amaaaazing. the head and the heard stole the show for me, rivers and roads was unbelievable. i wish blind pilot would have played a few more songs, they were wonderful live. that was my first time at red butte and it was by far one of my favorite salt lake concert experiences to date. are you guys going to bon iver tonight!?

sinika said...

we were there last night too- so great! yes- are you going to bon iver tonight???

Emily Frame said...

i wish we were going to Bon Iver! it sold out before we could get tickets!

Jessica said...

We are supposed to see Blind Pilot first weekend of July in SF and we are having logistical kid/babysitting issues and might not see them and I'm soooooo disappointed!

His Little Lady said...

okay, this all just looks and sounds like so much fun! and your style is absolutely adorable, girl!!!
xo TJ

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