anatomy of a sunday

here's me peeking into say happy weekend right in the middle of it!
we've had a wonderful one so far and it continues to be so. 
things like:
double date with our friends and all our kids,
festivities have already begun for my dad's wedding this next weekend,
a trip on Thomas the Train,
and Russ is taking (most) of the day off for Memorial Day which is unheard of, fist pump!

and of course Sunday which usually goes something like this:
FaceTime! with Charity (in NYC) for her birthday!
a little rough housing after a delicious dinner of masa corn lasagna and blondie/brownie cupcakes made by mom and Scott.
Avery always teaches Hayes new things - today it was how to roll down a grassy hill.
the boys love being with their cousins (and Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles)
they just light up around them.
sometime after dinner, my brother Collin hits the piano and plays something beautiful.
all the kids get quiet and settle into their toys of choice and we all just sort of marinate in the evening.
tonight's soundtrack "To Build a Home" by Cinematic Orchestra

we're so blessed to have the amazing families that we do! 
to the few that we've lost, i'd like to think they're smiling down on all the memories made and bonds strengthened. have a wonderful memorial monday!


Erica+Matson said...

Love your dress!! Where from!!?

Jenny Jackson Kersting said...

I agree. You are so lucky (and smart for knowing how lucky you are!) I want to know where you got that dress too. Gorgeous!

cPk said...

Love that dress! I need! Where's it from?

Emily Frame said...

Thanks guys, It's Madison, I bought it at a local boutique called Soel.

kate365til30 said...

such a beautiful family!! You guys look like you are having the best time!

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