the evening of the 4th

just a few more from the 4th of July.
after the parade we had our usual over the top breakfast with my mom's family,
went home and all napped until about 10 minutes before the annual BBQ at my dad's brothers house began. 
 poor Hayes looked pretty worked over. he had a bad tumble out of a hot tub and then as soon as that one was quasi-healed he ate shiz down the cement stairs at church. the life of a two year old boy!

i promise Hayes was loving this. just call him Blanket Jackson.

 my uncle lives in Alpine and there was a horrible fire only miles from his house. the whole city (as well as many others in Utah) had a ban on fireworks of any kind. so after the BBQ we drove around Orem (with the boys buckled in of course) and chased firework shows. Cal slept but Hayes had a blast yelling out each firework's colors. 
and Cal was like, okay, you can stop with the fireworks now.

happy weekend!



Love all the photos!

jaigeeksout said...

Gorgeous pics. You look stunning as always!
Hayes and Cal are the cutest, you're one lucky mama xoxo

kate said...

"ate shiz" hahaha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who still says that.

Tiffany said...

'Just call him Blanket Jackson.' Soooo funny.

charity said...

third picture down of Cal and Russ...no one can look at that photo and say Cal isn't the exact likeness of his daddy. no one.

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