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i can't believe the Summer is halfway over!
here we are mid-July and i have definitely fallen into a Summer uniform which i had Russ snap a pic of on our way home from the water park below, but first, here are some looks that to me represent a clever twist on the standard beach/swim cover-up.

i am obsessed with the denim cut-off. nothing is more beautiful to me than pair of long legs, and nothing shows them off quite like the cut-off.
the baggy tee/ thin sweater. i like that these tops don't scream "i'm going swimming!"
a billowing wrap or blouse is such a classy cover-up.

in real life:
on me:
Russ' button-down [F21] // & cut-off [DIESEL] denim // hat [TARGET] // wayfarers [RAY-BANS]
cheetah flip-flops [OLD NAVY] // hot pink [EMI JAY] elastic.
 not shown: neon yellow halter swim top [OLD NAVY] and high waisted buffalo check bottoms [COTTON ON]
on Hayes:
cut-off flannel button-down [THRIFTED] swim trunks [OLD NAVY] converse [NORDSTROM]
here's the details:

☞my arms and back got pretty tan a lot faster than the rest of my body. in an effort to even out the coloring, i figured i could wear a button-down to cover my back and arms, and leave it open so my chest and stomach (and legs) could keep soaking up the sun. i didn't feel too self-conscious if i needed to run to the bank afterwards, and i could easily nurse Cal with it.
 it proved to be the perfect pool-side top. i usually just wear one of Russ' button downs
because i like it to fit larger and have a little length so my tooshie is covered  if needs be- like here.
☞who does their hair in the Summer? not me. it's either covered with a hat or head scarf, also like here.
my hair has been saved by Emi Jay elastics (don't rip, pull, or break your hair.) and this spray:
☞the cut-offs are also my husband's! we were sorting his jeans and he made a pile he doesn't wear or has out grown. i saved these from the give-away bag and cut them off myself.
again, perfect choice by accident, because cutting off a pair of women's jeans will leave you with a thigh situation. a reverse muffin-top, if you will. having a wider-legged jean to begin with gives you a much more comfortable pair of cut-offs.

and a little post-script:
i've never made any public declarations of this before, but in my everyday life i wear things that cover my shoulders, back, and stomach on top, and things that hit my knee or lower on bottom. i prefer dressing this way and i've made a commitment to continue to do so my whole life. no one is forcing me to, it was a personal choice and honestly wasn't hard to choose & isn't that hard to uphold. is it a sacrifice at times? absolutely. for someone who has loved fashion since before i could walk and talk, there are plenty of trends, outfits, styles that i would love to wear, but simply don't align with the standard of dress i hold myself to.

there are a few settings where my commitment to dress modestly gets pretty flexible, because frankly, it'd be pretty hard to dress that way during activities like swimming and certain sports & exercise. 
i hope that despite sharing this particular outfit, you will know my commitment is in tact. 
also, since this decision like anyone's style choices are 100% personal, i in no way am saying that my way is better, it's simply my choice. i admire (good) fashion and style in all forms!


Elaine said...

very cute! also, your legs are toothpicks!!! jealous.

Brittany said...

Your post-script made me smile. You're the most adorable mom around, Emily!

amanda said...

Thank you for the cut off tip! I cut some of my jeans, and disaster... I didn't even think to cut men's jeans!

Sarah Eliz said...

You're right about the "thigh situation" in cutting jorts from women's jeans. lol Fantastic idea... I'll be raiding my dude's closet this evening! Also, darling P.S. I appreciate a gal with conviction. :)


lyndsey @ the stationery place said...

your postscript is the cutest thing ever. and i love your summer wardrobe.

Hilary said...

Love this pool-side look. Also, I adored the post script :)

jessica kiehn said...

I'm so glad you wrote that little p.s.
I've always wondered about how the LDS beliefs work as far as what's acceptable and what's not. Some Mormon blogs I read have girls drinking coffee and coke and I was confused because I thought the church and their members choose to stay away from caffeine. And some of them don't exactly dress to be modest if ya know what I mean. So I have always wondered "why do some of them do this, but some of them don't?"
I guess it's just kind of like, personal conviction?

sinika said...

Love this whole post! I love the button-down idea on top- very cool.

Emily said...

i adore all of your 'pin real life' posts. you have an amazing eye for combos that work beautifully. i'm lds too. i feel the same way about my conviction to wear clothes that i feel are modest. and when it comes to summer, i'm right there with ya. you said it perfectly.

Topsy said...

OOH I was introduced to a thigh situation real quick with the cut offs. It made me wish I kept some of my jncos. J/k, kind of.

And hello skinny, tan legs!

Molly Stewart said...

You look really cute, I just have a question! I thought that Mormons didn't wear things above their knees? No offense! I am just curious!! :)

Emily Frame said...


I think you hit the nail on the head. There are pretty clear guidelines and standards for Mormons, but I think everyone is on different levels of commitment. We use what's called the Word of Wisdom to define what food/drink we should abstain from and it says coffee specifically, but not caffeinated soda. So some people interpret that more strictly and don't drink any caffeine and some people have a more loose interpretation.
You're pretty religious right? How is it in your church?

Anonymous said...

this post is exactly why i am most proud to call you my best friend. you stand up for your beliefs, even when you don't have to. you aren't ashamed of who you are, the commitments you make & the standards you choose to uphold. you do it all with such grace, class & eloquence. i only wish i could express myself in words like you do. i love you!

Emily Frame said...


You are absolutely right, and I am not offended at all! I have a little paragraph about it below the post, check it out! I normally wouldn't dress that way, I was just on my way home from a water park.

Anonymous said...

also your legs are exactly what i dream of mine becoming one day.
one very far day.

kristen said...

you are SO cute! and your legs are KILLER! you look so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your legs are amazing. I am deeply jealous - in a nice way! Enjoy them, on behalf of all the short, stumpy legged girls out there!

chari-o said...

I want to hug you. and post of picture of you twirling in a mini world dress at age 2. great ps.

Molly Stewart said...

Thanks for leaving that. I think it is awesome thy you girls cover up! My cousin is LDS and she does the same thing, she wears knee length shorts but if we go swimming she will wear more brachy things. Way to go;)

Molly Stewart said...

Sorry I meant more *beachy* things!

krystal said...

Well said. I've followed your blog a while but never commented, but you said it all so well I had to. Thanks for all the tips. - Krystal K
PS, you're adorable and so is your family.

krystal said...

Well said. I've followed your blog a while but never commented, but you said it all so well I had to. Thanks for all the tips. - Krystal K
PS, you're adorable and so is your family.

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