Provo City's 4th of July parade is just one of those weird traditions my family participates in. it's not all that thrilling, or educational, or culturing, although there are a few moments that stir my patriotic heart. it's just something we do. and when it's super hot and the kids are spent, we wonder why we do it, but the odds are great we'll be there next year, just like always.

last year Russ left the parade to bring the car from our relatively close parking spot to Hayes and me on the parade route. i was hugely pregnant and basically dilating if i breathed wrong, so he told me to stay put. 
45!! minutes later he came back and we swore we'd ride bikes next year.

fast forward one year, and one almost one year old baby addition and we made it happen. when i think back to this biking situation i can't help but laugh, picturing the boys bumping and flying around (even though they were buckled in) and getting squished to either side every time Russ took a corner, it was hysterical & they loved it.

we were running late (do i really have to include this caveat anymore? from here on out, unless i specify that we were ON TIME, we were late.) and so we were biking down the parade route basically with the parade as it was happening. talk about great seats for the boys! we pulled up to our families and got a freaking hearty welcome of cheering and jumping up and down. 
it was cute as can be.
Frame Crew
 just eating a coupla protein bars with Quinner, while still leading his semi truck around.

Hayes and Lola. 
 Hayes taking what we call a "kiss break" - he's well known for stopping any activity mid-way and locating Cal for a gentle kiss on the forehead. 
"Becky" the 60+ crowd is baffled by this shirt.
and a 7 second video for good measure:

4th of July evening still to come!


Anonymous said...

great video, Oscar worthy

alicia said...

Emily, where did you get your shirt? I've been combing Target, F21, and H&M for a baseball tee and have come up empty-handed.

Emily Frame said...

it's OLDDDD forever 21! i've heard they're at JCrew, but i'll keep my eyes open and let you know!

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