like i mentioned earlier, we had family staying with us before the 4th and friends in town afterwards.
now that everyone's gone it feels so lonely!

we started our time with Russ' family up in Montpelier, Idaho where his grandparents Pip & Pop live.
Russ saw aunts and uncles he hadn't seen in 15+ years, crazy!

 Cal loves Gema. Hayes finally named Ingrid - Geh-ma? we're rolling with it.
 Kenz is a budding photographer, right?! or Too-Ken as Hayes calls her.
this kid is a nickname wizard.

  later the next week we got all the buddies together for a little wiffle ball...

and they actually let the wives play!
they are so serious about their sports. we'll all be talking and within seconds they've got some game assembled right under our noses.


afterwards, Malcolm and Annie's parents treated us to Charles', famous homemade ice cream. he's selling it at Guru's and Enlighten Cafe in downtown Provo, i put at least 3 helpings down the old hatch, it's a perfect summer treat.
Annie (far right) and Malcolm (a buddy) are brother and sister and Annie married Alex (a buddy)
crazy right? don't let this bust your brain, but Malcolm's girlfriend (2nd on the right) is also Annie. 

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Cirina said...

Just saw the alt button on your sidebar! Are you going this year?!? You need to! You NEED to be one of the speakers, you would do great!

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