this week in an INSTAnt

my original post plans went south when Russ and i were cleaning off our hard drive and accidentally deleted iphoto - oof! but we did delete 80+ gigs of other unwanted memory (go us!) so while we figure out that mess... here's some instas and a weekend sign off!

i am totally spent on being out in the sun, so, to the library!:
readjusting my whole parenting paradigm to accommodate and combat what i formerly believed was a myth, but now am a whole hearted believer in: the terrible twos.
note: don't tell me 3 is worse, unless you hate me and you want me to cry.
after what seemed like a week of really focused repetitive parenting we made a little headway.
i nearly cried when instead of yelling at me "my ha-pad!" (iPad) 
Hayes said "mommy, i want ha-pad? pees pees pees?!" 
he's working on it, i'm working on it, we are working on it.
gosh i love his little sweet face!

Russ' business investment got a makeover:
looking good, frit-o-lay truck!
and as always, enjoyed our time with friends.

speculoos must have something in that makes you crave it fortnightly,
because we had waffles twice in one week.
after i seemed to get a handle on Hayes' new skillset and emotional range, he started showing a real interest in the toilet. 
and i shook my head and hid my face and said "i don't wanna!" 
but maybe we bought him some Phineas and Ferb undies and maybe were sort of trying to think about possibly toilet training him. how's that for commitment!?

 despite being vastly neglected last week, Cal proved once and again that he is God's gift to this Earth.
pure sweetness and joy. 
and when i realized i was running on empty and waking up each morning with less patience than the first, my sweet husband gave me the day off and took me out on a date too.
it refueled me and although i am not the type to need too many "breaks" 
i did enjoy it. 
and spent a good chunk thrifting my boys' fall wardrobe. 
(i guess that makes me a workaholic?)
and this just proves that my boys are consistent regardless of activity:

 and eating.

that about sums up their personalities at a YEAR! next week and nearly 2 and a 1/2.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Kirsten said...

You have the cutest little family!!
And it looks like you are having a pretty fun summer so far!!
And where, oh where, are those amazing pants in the pic with the waffles from?
They are too awesome!!


Emily Frame said...

Thanks! I got them at gojane.com!


Somethinvg must be in the water because we had to do some backtracking in this house, too. And mama needed to find some more patience and the babies needed to be reminded who is the boss:) Love your photos and the blog...just found it recently and check back often!

sinika said...

That's funny- we are in the "kinda, sorta" stage of potty training too. Since he is my third boy, I promised I would let him potty train himself!! I am pretty reluctant and he is already 3... But he is excited about it! P.S. love all your outfits in this post! You make it seem so effortless!

jessica kiehn said...

oh gosh, if there's one thing I've learned parenting a toddler it's this: STAY ON TOP OF IT. Their manners, their tone of voice, their obedience. They are soooo in the testing phase, trying to figure out whose in charge, them or you. It's tiring, but so worth it in the end!
You can do it, Momma, stay on top of that little heart breaker!

charity said...

my boss was just looking over my shoulder (whoops!) and said I've got pretty cute nephews :).

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