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 the peplum. wildly popular in the fifties, brought back by one Christian Dior, and totally avoided by total no-namer Emily Frame. you guys know how i feel about anything too precious. here's a handful of peplums that maintain a little edge: whether it's leather 1&3, some worn in boyfriend trousers 2&4, turning the whole thing updside down (that coat!) or going so granny it comes back around to cool again. i'd wager she's in head to toe Marc Jacobs, which would help her case considerably.
Stockholm Streetstyle 1&6 / Atlantic-Pacific / Sincerely, Jules / 21st Arrondisement 

in real life:
peplum top and mary-janes [F21] skirt [TARGET] jacket & geode ring [H&M] 
hilarious behind the scene: Cal was sitting on our stairs' landing playing with my bracelet, when it rolled down mid self-timer. 
made me laugh when i was scrolling through.
the things you never see on a perfect blog, right?


Anonymous said...

love the blooper photos of your braclet rolling around. very cute, real life moment.

I think so shirts are so prety but I'm not too sure about them with my body shape- don't need any more attention to my hips!


Love this feature, it is fun to see you show how you wear it...and love the real-ness! My kids almost always show up somehow in my photos, or are doing something crazy behind the scenes that I am reacting to!

Emily said...

love this look! those shoes are smokin.

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