trimming the iphone fat part one

my phone's camera went from 300+ pictures to 23 and here's how:
upload, delete & collage, is the secret to it's success.
let's begin:

these aren't even all of the series. but, yes i felt it necessary to take 12+ of the same scene.
eating popsicles and contemplating life. 
more from the inflatable toy world.
Hayes got drug up to the top of the biggest slide and came down looking like this.
"its sca-wee!"

Cal loved every second.
Hayes found his groove holding up the drinking fountain line.
so much power for a two year old!

being cute
trying to nap while i teach sharing time
high centered on the shower, but not even crying, because 2nd children are stellar like that.
loving on his buddy Sunny
his Daddy buddy loving on him

walking to get ice cream cones. Hayes got super tired being pushed the whole way there.
a typical scene post pool day. i pull their tired bodies out of the stroller and they pass out in seconds.

pioneer day with my family. one of my favorite summer nights of the whole year.
don't be alarmed, but part two is coming later this week.


Talia Jensen said...

i love the collages! smart woman you are

Caitlin said...

I think you may have saved my life. I am so embarrassed of my 800+ pictures (lets not talk about how many pins I have). Do you print out your iPhone pictures ever?

Andrea Peterson said...

How do you make your collages? I really want to be able to do that but can't figure out how everyone makes them look so nice and uniform!

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