waffle ♡ truck

this week Liz and i had to try out the Waffle Love truck, it was delicious!
 i've tried a few places in Utah and this is definitely the best in Provo.
sugary crunchy crust on the outside, melt in your mouth and fluffy on the inside.
Adam, the awesome owner, set us up with a few, but you can't be fresh peaches, cream and Biscoff Spread (or speculoos.) throw on some blackberries and raspberries if you want your mind blown.
they picked them off their respective bushes less than a day before. 

Ashley came too, but refused our picturing taking advances. what? you don't like acting a fool in public for the camera, Ash? weird. love these girls. and don't worry, it's not lost on me how lucky i am that my sister-in-law is also one of my closest friends. 
Liz is an amazing source of light in my life my family is lucky to have her! 

pictures by Collin Kartchner.
Waffle Love truck schedule here.
head to Dear Lizzy for outfit details.


A Splash of Ida said...

The waffles look so delish!!! And it seems that both of you enjoyed it as well! :-) I love their cute truck and the way they garnish the waffles. It's so tempting and it just screams EAT ME. :-)



Pink Coffee Photo said...

Hey Emily! I've been instagram stalking you for awhile and finally just HAD to find your blog. :) I'm loving it-just added you on bloglovin!

Noelle and Corey said...

Emily!! How fun that you have done all this!! We were in the same ward in PG a few years ago. I read your blog about Waffle Love because Adam, the owner, is my brother-in-law. Anyways, small world! Congrats on all your amazing accomplishments and your sweet kiddos!! -Noelle Wilhelmsen

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