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have we talked about that recurring dream that i had all throughout and even a couple years after i graduated college?
i am acutely aware that i have a final today, it's almost always a math final, except i have no idea where the classroom is, and i can't recall every actually going or completing a single assignment.

my throat is seizing up on me just thinking about this dream.
i stopped having it last year, and it sort of made me sad, like my schooling years really are over, even the anxiety-ridden-school-related dreams are a memory.

these menswear inspired outfits are making me feel all warm and collegiate inside.
classachusetts / lookbook.numodern hepburnhonestly wtf / 2, 4, 6 & 8 Tumblr (sorry!) / 3 & 6 the style blogger

in real life:
from our waffle excursion...
denim shirt H&M / liquid leggings F21 / snakeskin black patent toe cap flats COTTON ON
picture by Collin

Susan gave her Instagram followers a sneak peak of her new line of jewelry
and my jaw dropped. a leather string bowtie /plantation tie / Colonel tie? yes please.
see my other attempts here and here.
anyway - the good friend that she is, she let me raid her stash and now they're finally listed!
check them all out at the Freshly Picked Shop.
what a perfect accessory for fall, shop fast before they're gone!


Caitlin said...

In love with ties on ladies. I was just talking about this with my boyfriend because I am convinced I would wear fabulous ties if I was a boy. Him? He just wears black and blue. Totally jumping on this band wagon!


You are the cutest thing in your string bow tie! Love your look and really enjoy keeping up with your blog. You inspire me to experiment more with my look.

Cheerfully Charmed said...

I literally have that EXACT SAME DREAM! At least 10 times! It kills me and I'm actually jealous you're schooling nightmares are in the past!

And I need a bow-tie...

Anonymous said...

I get that dream too...my uni finals are coming up and I've done no work at all on at least one module, i.e.: i can't speak italian and it's an italian degree. I get it regularly when something is coming up that I don't feel ready for/prepared for. How funny!!!!

Do you get the one about having a pet and not giving them water so they die of thirst and become desiccated??? I get that every time I'm worried about my two year old. Weird.

Susan said...

i just love you.

Hilary said...

Love this, amazing.

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