gone pickin'.

several saturday mornings this summer i found myself waking up to an big empty bed.
russ loves to yard sale, thrift, and scour our local classifieds for a good deal. 
if you ask him he'll say he's been thrifting since before you were born. 
doesn't matter how old you are.
he had two women from our neighborhood take him grocery shopping to teach him how to extreme coupon last year, and it still makes me laugh when i think about it. 

so you can imagine how pumped he was when i let him in on a little secret in the form of to two huge warehouses and a giant parking lot full of antiques/collectibles/junk.

i give you the Treasures Antique Mall:
 anytime Cal spotted a fish he pulled this face. pretty sure it was a whole wall of those awful singing Billy the Bass plaques.
vintage perfumes.
i sifted through thousands of records, coffee table books, and old photographs.
not really sure what i was looking for, but i definitely found a lot of it.

ceiling to floor shelves of vintage toys.
gave knew meaning to prying one's cold dead hands off of something... cough, Hayes.
 after a whole morning being champs, daddy-o let them drink soda and eat fries in the car.
"say cheese!"

 it was a great morning for us all. Russ got to brush up on his hard core haggling, and the boys walked away with a bucket of vintage die cast cars. here's a peek at a few of my finds. 
1045 North 2000 West  Springville, UT 84663
(801) 491-0749


Arlene said...

Ahh...I used to go there all the time!

robin said...

that is my heaven. those pictures made my heart beat faster... seriously, there is nothing like this in florida.

I'm Sydney. said...

Oh wow that sounds like the coolest place!

emily+brett said...

Thanks for sharing the info!! I'm out on hunt for my mom so I will be visiting this treasure pile tomorrow!!

Emily Dickson said...

Oh I so wish I knew about that when I was there! Are the prices good? I keep going to "thrift" stores and they're charging $10 for a shirt!

Anonymous said...

I would love this.
We go to Brimfield, which is a big antiques fair held 3x a year in MA. I have gotten some major deals and great finds there.

Silvia said...

I am so jealous of that ship cross stitch. Thanks for sharing this gem of a place! xo

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