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 ah, the sixties. the decade i probably should've lived in, because it brought me the music i listen to, the stuff i will shell out the cash for on my home, and the clothing i can't help but love. i never gave the big hair a chance until recently (except if you count stringy middle-parted hippie hair, because we all know i love that.) but, after giving it shot, hook line and sinker, i'm yours.

keep scrolling to the next post for a quick hair tutorial, but after my hair was up to high heaven, everything else needed to be simple. i felt like Brigitte Bardot from the neck up and Audrey Hepburn from the neck down, which is a pretty good way to feel.

in real life:
cowl next sweater [H&M] "Always Skinny" [Gap] flats [Urban Outfitters]
red lip [Mac RED] 

and one scared Cal-babe, who we recently discovered hates thunder, seen below.

it's getting chilly around here, and the leaves have already started to change,
so we're headed up into the mountains tonight!
it will be a welcome break for my poor husband who's been working all day
and then going to our house and working all night.
why you ask?
we're moving this fall!
we're really happy and excited and simultaneously headdesking ourselves
at the thought of moving. again.
but, the stars aligned and we're on our way!
since we're not living there we figured this is the best chance to do some renovations we've been dreaming of without having to live in the construction's aftermath.
i'm really excited to share everything once it's done!

happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

you look amazing. I love your in Pin-life series!

Steoffrey said...

Love it! You look great. Send Bethany my way please. :)

Meagan Rigney said...

Love the Bardot/Audrey, perfect combo! I may adore you...in a blog love/non scary way, of course:)

krystal said...

I love your style/hair/outfits and blog. You're adorable and have such a cute family! Just thought I'd let you know.

Brooke said...


Seeking Style said...

cutest pictures ever!

xo Jennifer


marissa (stylebook) said...

oh my goodness, you're such a babe!

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