take a little piece of my heart now, baby.

I can't believe I can FINALLY share with you what has consumed every free thought, every free minute, and all my brain space for the last month.

It felt so crazy hammering away at this site for so long and not being able to tell anyone about it. But, SMALL FRY is live this morning and our affairs are in order, and I am so so excited to tell you about it.

We have so much amazing content coming your way and have a few posts live now for you to get a taste. It is all for our boys, and all about creating more magic for them while enjoying our time together. 

and read more about the Small Fry bloggers, me and two of my best friendshere.

Now go and enjoy and tell me what you think!
Also, huge shout out to Melanie of 5th & Hazel for the beyond beautiful site.
And to Lindsey Orton for our bio photos
and Nicole Christensen for every other beautiful photo on the site.


Erica+Matson said...

I don't even have kids and I am def following it. Some cute ideas and great web design.

Walker said...

Congrats! How exciting - I've already added Small Fry to my blog roll!!

Julie said...

What a great idea!! Love it!

London said...

Small Fry is huge success! My baby boy and I will be avidly awaiting every post.

Jessica said...

Love the idea, can't wait to read all Small Fry posts! Pictures are amazing.

charity said...

that photo of hayes with his chin on Dash's shoulder melts my heart!! love him and YOU.

kitrwilson said...

Such gorgeous photography.
I love the layout, feel, fonts, verbiage, and mission and purpose, most of all!

No, it's a toss up. I love seeing photos of you sweet Mommas with your kids in the beautiful settings. And I love the writing.

It's a beautiful reminder and testament to the power and meaning and beauty of motherhood. May you inspire millions of women to fully invest themselves in their children and their divine role; look up and keep their heads above the laundry and toilet bowl cleaning and feel good about what they are doing and be reminded of their creative, critical role in the grand scheme of things!

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