the dirty dash, again.

so Russ ran this race a couple years ago and said it was such a blast, and i'm so thrilled i finally got chance - read, wasn't pregnant - to do it! 

our team was the Dirty Dolls and of course dress-ups are the norm at the Dirty Dash, so i picked a Bratz Doll. here's before:

and here's Jenna after:

obviously we couldn't get pictures throughout the whole race, but there would have been some GEMS at the mud pool where Jenna and I succumbed to the panic and really felt we were never ever going to get out of it, we would live out the rest of our days in it. or maybe when i tried to scale the 6 foot tall fence, as opposed to the 3-4 foot fences around it and pretty much did a horizontal belly flop. GEMS.
here's the finish line though, where fellow Dirty Doll and photographer Carolee Beckham had her hubby ready for us:
our whole team at the finish line.

big thank you to Dirty Dash for sponsoring my ticket and Carolee for heading up the team and getting all these hilarious pics! 

You can see loads more pics at Carolee's site.

planning on a pin real life post up before the weekend's over, but i hope you have a wonderful one! moving day is tomorrow, volunteers now being accepted. ;)


Small Fry said...

this was the worst day of my life.
but i've never laughed harder.

Molly Stewart said...

Looks fun! I missed it where you announced why and where you're moving! I went back and tried to find it but I can't. You just moved to your lovely house, why are you moving again?!

charity said...

so fun! It's been a long time since I've gotten nice and muddy.

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