i'm going to get my eggs harvested.

i'm sorry for the post title, but i literally cannot think of anything else whenever i hear the word. and then i say it in my head (as you are now too) hah-vested. 

anyway, i quite like harvest parties, because i love to enjoy fall and all its offerings without having to dress up every gosh darn time. i'm compiling our family costume as we speak and you can bet it's 100% from our closets. 

anyway, hah-vest parties. 
we threw one for small fry earlier this month which you can see here.
but our church threw one last weekend and it was quite nice to just enjoy it!

Hayes just knows now that i'm gonna tell him to share. even if Cal's not asking for it.
Hayes and Gus. they ran around like this for most of the party. 

Happy Halloween everyone! 
and as you may have noticed, my real camera is still broken. grooaaaan.

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