*a* H.H.H.

well, i told you i'd let you know when the video i made with the craft pack for a hip handmade holiday was going live, and today is the day.

you can watch it here!
i did it one take, so let's keep that in mind.

also! here are some of the profesh photos taken from the weekend. how relieved are your eyes to see a decent photo 'round these parts? i know mine are.

here's a huge group photo of all the bloggers and that the Craft Pack flew in to play with their awesome book. a big thank you to their team, especially Nicole and Heather for making sure i finished my craft on time and Cayleen for some emergency status salad dressing removal. 

Jen - Tatertots and Jello, Susan - Freshly Picked, Shelley - House of Smiths, Alison - The Alison Show, Nicole - Making it Lovely, me - Small Fry, Nicole - Elsa Bags, Heather - Milkglass and Honey, EZ - Creature Comforts , Liz - Cotton and Curls, Natalie - Nat the Fat Rat, Cayleen - Walls by Mur

the craft pack and smallfry:
outtake from the video, how rad is the wall art installation? it's Walls by Mur, and they're selling at bijou in a couple weeks! we're so pumped.

me and Jennifer from the flawless blog A Merry Mishap.

don't ever try to take a candid of me with my knowledge (oxymoron?)
 or you'll get this. sorry weston.
 just hobknobbing with Christian Nielson, the nicest. Nie Nie too.
congrats Craft Pack, so much talent and success to be had!


elizabeth kartchner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
elizabeth kartchner said...

I was going to text you and ask if walls by mur were going to be at Bijou. So excited!
Love this post

Meagan Rigney said...

I clicked on the links but they weren't working well (though my computer is losing it slowly so it may be my fault!) Anyway, I LOVED your outfits in all the pics, where are your citron-y pants from and the top you wore with the leather leggings?

Emma Miya said...

great photos! and great 'candid' shot! ha!

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