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are you a fan of oxblood?
it's easily fall 2012's favorite color. its so dramatic and rich that i am not sure it belongs anywhere but in cold temperatures. luckily there's a little nip in the air this week.

if we're being perfectly honest, all my clothes are in a 4 foot pile in our bedroom waiting for a closet upgrade from my way-too-busy husband. since they're all color coordinated, i bet you can guess which color is on top? you think i'm going to try and wedge out a monochromatic from the bottom of the pile? 
let's just say i've been wearing a lot of red lately.

in real life:
jacket [F21 via the FLEA.] deep V & crocheted tank [URBAN OUTFITTERS] skirt [H&M]
mary-janes [F21]

happy weekend everyone, it's gonna be a good one! we're doing some serious purging around here. russ and i both agreed that it was time to make the shift in our adult lives where start getting rid of things that we don't: 1. absolutely love. 2. provide organization or function in our lives. the same goes for collecting/purchasing/acquiring. 

the culmination of this plan comes to a head this weekend when we sell just about anything and everything that doesn't fit the description. i'm thrilled to clear it all out! 

on top of that my church has their semi-annual conference & i am so looking forward to the guidance and inspiration. you can tune in here


Julie said...

Only one of my favorite fall colors!! I have a pair of pants and a top I love that are both wine colored. I always want to wear them together, but refrain...maybe I should just try it already!

And totally agree on the 'love it or leave it' sentiment. It's hard, but if you don't use it, get rid of it. (I'm the anti-pack-rat.)

Andi said...

um, your legs are killer.

Emily said...

love love love this color for fall. your outfit is so fun! and i totally agree with the killer legs comment above. killer!

Sally said...

yes! can't wait to bust out my velvet blazer is this color that i thrifted last year :)

Hilary de Lisle said...

I love oxblood, such a rich color. I adore your jacket taboot!

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