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leather pants.
thicker than waxed denim, perfectly warm for cold days.
if you want more edge, i'm certain this is the easiest way. exhibit A: Miranda Kerr.
hideous sweater, all too standard pumps, but with the leather pants on all the sudden it's on pinterest.
in real life:
linen tee [ZARA] burgundy leather pants [H&M] burgundy platforms [DOLCE VITA] burgundy wallet [NORDSTROM] wine lip [COVERGIRL "everlasting immortalite"] 
i've had this this lip color for more than a year, but i rarely wear it because it has way too much shimmer in it for my taste, but the color is spot on for fall! 
have you found a matte burgundy color at a grocery store price? i'd love to check it out. 

happy weekend!

and for those who've noticed the photo quality taking a nosedive...
the de-evolution of my camera situation:
dropped my nice camera while shooting a bird's eye view on one of my dining chairs. the chair rocked completely backward sending me into the window sill. cracked my nice lens and somehow blurred the camerbody's view (all pics look like those floating eye fuzzies that you try to focus on but it keeps floating away from your grasp.)
switched to my iphone until quick hands mcgee (cal) chucked it across the room rendering it useless. switched to an old loaner phone until a new screen comes & that's where we're at today. horrible, horrible quality. jobs would roll in his grave at this piece.


Amber said...

Would roll? Pretty sure he did roll. Just sayin'.

I'm Sydney. said...

haha well, that is quite the predicament! But I think you look very nice despite the blurry-ness. The angelic glow around your face made by the odd lighting is lovely. ;)

Brittany LeSueur said...

Hey! I am a fairly new reader, and I love your blog! I just wish I could pass off the leather pant trend. So cute! As for lipstick I am OBSESSED with Diva by MAC. It is not drugstore but at fourteen dollars it isn't too bad. It is my fall color go-to. You're a doll!

Mara and Jae said...

you're lookin pretty rockin in this outfit.

Alison said...

WORK IT I tried those pants on...let's just say I they didn't make it all the way around what I've got going on back there. but not to like plug myself, but my Burgundy from my lipstick round up is like my FAVORITE enamor by covergirl. so luxe.

Kimie Stafford said...

for lipstick try Revlon blackcherry! love your style and blog!

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