first snow.

we woke up to a little layer of snow this morning and bundled up to check it out.
it hardly snowed last year, and the snow bibs and jacket i got for Hayes last year went unused, so we were really relieved to see that they still fit this year!
this was Cal's first snow experience, and he was curious as always.
he sat on this little stoop and ate snow all morning.

Hayes trudged around in his boots making snowballs, for eating purposes only.
 once they got in they were sufficiently purple, so we got the air popper out, and turned the stove on for some hot cocoa. what is this 1960? let me explain...
when we moved back to our house, the microwave got lost for a week or so. when i realized i didn't really find myself needing it, unless it was to eat food that is terrible, i just let it stay lost. it's been an interesting experiment, and i am loving the extra counter space especially!

its so weird how it adds that extra step to a lot of things i do, but it feels so quaint and romantic, like melting butter in a pan over the stove? am i crazy? prob.

i love lovely simple mornings like this!


Julie said...

I grew up without a microwave...it's doable! Just sucks when you have to re-heat food in the oven. Although it DOES taste better that way.

Meagan Rigney said...

Oooh, I'm jealous! I'm hoping we move up to Michigan next year and my babies can see some snow since that is how I grew up. They are already talking about "next winter when we see snow..."

kate365til30 said...

What a cozy morning with your little ones!! :)

I'm Sydney. said...

oh me too! There was a lovely little bit of snow this morning here and it is lovely :)
And I like popcorn the classical way too! Way better! It's quite good with Nutritional Yeast!

Anonymous said...

whoa! snow so early! they are so cute out in it!

I love my air-popper too. We didn't have a microwave for ages but have one again. I like it for reheating meals but the best popcorn is from the air-popper with some freshly melted butter and coarse salt.

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