September 2012

☞do i say this every month? yes? well, regardless, i can't believe how fast this one has grown up. 14 MONTHS?!
☞Cal is talking up a storm. his inflections are almost carbon copies of his brother's so even though the words aren't very clear, the way he says them makes it so obvious what he's trying to say. some of my favorite are: "ahnt mohhh!" with that little low voice. ahp-ah-kul! said with both arms flapping for popsicle. gabba, ubah uppees for his favorite TV shows to dance to. he doesn't watch any part of them except when the music is playing. he has a huge vocabulary!
☞we had to re-sleep train him since we moved, and sleep training a 14 month old is way worse than the original training job at 9 months. we're all glad he's figured it out once again.
☞he loves to be outside and having a (safe) yard again is his dream come true.
☞he loves his brother and calls for him throughout the house. he wants to pound on Hayes' door during naps or if he wakes up before him. Hayes likes to do the same to Cal and has woken him up countless times.
☞he's getting so tall. i haven't taken him to the doctor for his 12 month yet (whoops!) but if i had to guess i'd say he was super tall and that his baby fat poundage is dropping like flies.
☞he is showing his first and only signs of separation anxiety this month. he still warms up really fast to others, but would rather be with me at all times.
☞he has the coolest colored eyes. they change colors with the wind but also have these thick sedimentary looking rings all around. 
☞still loves to eat, and drink his sippy "babas" and still loves to nurse and hasn't cut a tooth in awhile. at least some things don't change!


krystal said...

I LOVE your braided hair with a beany on, so perfect and cozy for fall!

lindsay ross said...

best eyes ever.

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