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leather! love it in all its many shapes, colors and forms.
i bought a faux leather skirt while i was pregnant with Cal, figured i'd be able to wear it eventually, but totally forgot about it until a couple months ago!
happy the weather has cooled off so i can wear it comfortably!

in real life:
button-down [H&M] sweater [GAP] skirt &necklace [F21] cheetah loafers [GOJANE]
[TIMEX] easy-reader
i've been in endless meetings lately for hilariously varied set of reasons, and am always looking for a way to do preppy but still with an edge. this matte leather skirt fits the bill!


happy weekend!
i unpacked the last of the boxes and am onto hanging art!
Russ got the home improvement itch & went crazy over here.
i've learned when you do home remodels for a living the last thing a guy wants to do is his own house,
but he could not be stopped. literally i tried. 
russ: oh sorry babe, i already did.
end scene.

 i feel like i moved back into a completely different house! someday soon i'll share it all.


Emily said...

I'm with ya on this leather love! Awesome outfit. I saw a picture of your kitchen on Instagram...beautiful. I'm sure the rest of the house matches.

krystal said...

love the whole ensemble on you... you put all the right pieces together!

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