kollabora kit

Kollabora is a new-ish company that sells kits to create your favorite crafts. whether it's knitting, jewelry, decor, or sewing, they pack up the kit and send it to you to get crafty with.
i picked the pencil skirt and totally died over the fabric they sent with it. such a great print! 

the kit sat on my kitchen table for a good month before my mom came to the rescue and offered to whip it up for me. truth be told it would've probably sat there until kingdom come, so thanks mom! 

if you need a local seamstress she's starting to take projects on - alterations, hemming, or custom pieces -  and this skirt could be sold in JCrew this instant and no one would bat a lash. let me know if you're looking for a seamstress and i'll pass her info over!

Check out Kollabora's kits here.


carla thorup said...


you and hayes make a perfect pair.

Anonymous said...

cute skirt! I have to check out those crafy kits!

OohLookBel said...

So glam! You look like you're ignoring the lurking paparazzi.

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