it's hayes' world...

just had to share a few of these pics from a quick photo shoot we did this weekend. 
this is one of the outtakes and it cracks me up!  
the boys' faces are killing me:

 what do we do about Hayes and his obsession with weh-wade (lemonade)? not just any lemonade, San Pell Pompelmo. that i've been rationing like water in a drought. he keeps finding my stash and i can hear the lid cracking open from a mile away. and part of my soul dies. sorry Hayes, you get on all fours and sip water out of stagnant puddles, so until your palette is a little bit more refined, ima gonna withhold these bevies from you.

this post was brought to you by Ugg Australia. they gifted Hayesie this darling jacket and i'm so glad they did because it fits like a glove and couldn't be cuter.

photos by Nicole.


Anne Hill said...

such cute photos! and I'm dying over him drinking water from puddles. you hoard those san pells with your life!

Angela and Enrique said...

Hey is that Jef from the Bachorlett? .... oh no, that is Russ

Amy said...

Beautiful family!!! Love your blog....

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