my first thanksgiving

around the same time we moved back to our house, Russ' mom got a job in Salt Lake City and moved up from Vegas with his little sister McKenzie. they moved into our basement apartment with Russ' brother Mitch, and although they kept telling us it's only temporary, we are hoping it can be a bit more permanent! it's been so nice having them downstairs, and it couldn't have come at a better time with Bijou Market, Small Fry and a new multi-project styling job i couldn't turn down all colliding this month. things should be slowing down after the holidays, but in the meantime i am so grateful for their presence. Cal would live down there if he could, he's always sliding down the stairs and pounding his little palm on the door to be let in.

with Russ' family all here, and his grandparents a few hours away in Idaho, we invited everyone up for Thanksgiving dinner. his grandparents said it had been 20+ years since they were all together like this and we had a lot of fun!

i've never hosted my own Thanksgiving, but Russ' mom and i got to work and everything turned out awesome, suprisingly. 

first turkey prep, ermagersh gross:
games and muddy buddies while the bird cooks away:
i had my little brother and sister over too, and got right in on the potato ricing job. bet you didn't know it was a three man gig, it is.
only an hour and a half passed schedule, we finally sat down to eat.

and then stood up to dance, because it's just something Bethany, Casey and I do.
no one else in my family does, just us. good fosse, guys.

Cal clung to Mitch "Daaa!" as he is want to do. not sure why he calls him Da, but he does.
and then after clean up and bed time the girls (and Russ) caught Twilight.

it was fun to do Thanksgiving prep altogether in one tiny kitchen, with dance parties, and a few profanities, and a lot of laughter. i suppose that's the perk of hosting, you get to try out old and new traditions your way.

blessings abound for this tiny Frame family and we couldn't be more grateful for this life we've been given!

big thanks to Caravan Shoppe for the giant Gratitude poster! i am loving it next to Audrey and the Think Outside the Box poster by Scribble on Everything.


Because of Jackie said...

Oh my gosh, I HATE touching the turkey!It grosses me out until it is cooked. Looks like you had a great time!

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