i know we'd all rather see Alt through Justin Hackworth's lens than my shattered (darn you Cal!) iPhone, but hopefully it will suffice for now!

 since they asked Small Fry to speak super last minute (due to a drop out) we could only get one ticket, and Nicole and Jenna were given temporary passes to come up and visit for my panel. let it be known i was heartbroken to do this alone. we really are such a team in every sense of the word, and it just didn't feel right without them!

but, regardless, it was such a wonderful opportunity that i tried to milk bone dry...

welcome to Alt, Emily Frame.

wednesday night, dinner with sponsors, drinks with all the speakers, then stuffing goodie bags for my panel's session the next morning.

f21 top, necklace and faux quilted jacket, h&m pants (super super skinny so my mom helped me to put in these coral pink zippers, and now i want to wear them every day!) and STEVEN by Steve Madden pumps.

thursday morning,
panel time. insert MC Hammer quick feet side to side dance moves.
a room of close about 100, my panel mates and i talked about getting passed zero, or starting a blog from the ground up. i spoke about being yourself, and as far as i can tell i spoke coherent english, which was a wonderful surprise. so nervous.

Jenna and Nicole got stuck in the ice storm of the century and missed my panel by about five minutes. we all cried in the hallway like idiots. it was an emotional morning to say the least. 
they were so nice to come up and take me to a birthday lunch at Pizzeria Limone. we wholeheartedly recommend!

banana republic blazer, charlotte russe bib necklace, h&m faux leather pants, jeffrey campbell platforms. more on the t-shirt in a minute!

then they came back that night to party and go to an another awesome dinner with a crazy awesome company that we'll be sharing soon on Small Fry! dinner at the New Yorker was insanity. so delicious!!

here we are after the clue party with our partner in crime Jill.

JCrew top and skirt (lifesaver Nicole!), Dear Lizzy feather slip, and franco sarto heels.

friday morning,
more classes, in which i learned so many great things, and sponsor meetings all afternoon. 
we saw Katie Sokoler and Stefan Sagemeister who are basically the same person just male and female. 
both spoke about taking risks and how living life for yourself and forgetting about what others think of you has made all the difference. 

just matching from head to toe with my friend Becky.
Zara leather shirt, h&m plaid pants, Sam Edelman Petty boots, a pretty awesome faux/vintage chanel bag i thrifted for $1, nordstrom beanie.

one of my dumber moves was making my own Radarte t-shirt. literally everything went wrong with this darn project, but i finished it up 10 minutes before i had to leave and i love it. 

friday evening.

then i helped my buddies set up for their Girls With Glasses + Method + Smilebooth party room with the most awesome mod theme. we were a little high on fumes, but i just love those girls. talking music and fashion, and family and what else on earth do i need?

 Alt was this incredibly odd incredibly exciting incredibly exhausting experience, and i am still tired because of it. 50 hours in 4 days! but i have 50 hours worth of memories. womp womp womp. can i be impeached from my own blog, because i earned it with that joke.

were you at Alt? i'd love to see your own round-ups!

grab our free print and see what i've been up to over at Small Fry today, there's more fashion to be had over there for those of you who've asked.

and finally! muffin got me a lens for my birthday so we're back in photo action! phew. thanks for hanging in here with me. 


Kelli said...

You're so awesome. I need to go one of these years and learn how to run a real blog ;)


Kimberly Bonham said...

I love all these pictures and your blog! I have always wanted to go to ALT!

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