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a few nights ago one of our best buddy couples, Alex and Annie had their first baby boy, the sweetest, softest, newest baby Henry James Alexander Grow. we've been waiting to share the parenthood experience with Russ' lifelong friends these past three years and it was such a deeply meaningful experience to sit with them in their hospital room and see and hear them love it like we do. they get it, their lives are changed, and we couldn't be happier for them. 

our emotions have just been all out on the table about our little Frame crew the last few days. we spent our downtime in bed, while the boys slept, watching all the videos on Russ' phone. handfuls of funny clips and silly tricks and we just couldn't believe how little they were, and how it wasn't that long ago, yet they're just so BIG now. 

i just have never known a more devoted dad then Russ, and sometimes i forget he's not the norm, he chooses to be this way. a choice he made when he wasn't much bigger than they are now. he lives for those boys and they live for him. he's such a great example to me, and without knowing it he gently reminds me of the kind of mother i chose to be long ago, too.


Walker said...

What a sweet post! I feel the same way about my husband - he chooses to be a great dad.

Emily said...

such a lovely post! dads who live for their kids are rare blessings these days indeed. you have a sweet family.

adam and jess said...

adam and i always talk about how great russ is as a dad. and you're a pretty great mom too em! :)

Gretchen Walker said...

So sweet. What a good family you have. Dads and their boys ❤

dan danny said...

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