December 2012

so much talking going on around here with our honeyman!

his voice is super deep and a little raspy and i can't get enough of it. 
"pees!" and "do-do" for thank you. folds him arms and bows his head for prayers and says "do-do!" when i say "thank you" during them. he goes ape for cookies by the way and yells  "Coo! Coo!" at the top of his lungs if he ever sees one, is downwind and smells one, hears a word that sounds like cookie, etc etc. 

he's had an ongoing runny nose since it got cold in utah. teething and winter do not mix. i died laughing when his nose was running and Hayes started going after it just like i do on a daily basis.

he loves to look at pictures of animals, animal toys, and animal apps. he does a great lion, dog, cat, monkey, and elephant sound!

he says "Grandma" clear as day, walks around looking and knocking on any closed doors in hopes he'll find Uncle Mitch and gives the cutest little "stones" (fist bump) to a crowd of thirty before he loses any interest or excitement in each individual bump. 

he digs Goofy and calls him "Goo! Goo!" still loves Yo Gabba Gabba and comes waddling over to me to dance any time a song comes on. says the highest pitch "a-gay!" when he wants you to let him do something dangerous over and over. still a daredevil, bless my nerves.

Cal loves books, he loves them especially if they have me making funny noises or animal sounds. he's pretty good at puzzles and dropping shapes into their designated wood cut out holes, and he's weirdly dextrous and smooth. he's got great balance and grace and man i wish i had a portion of his balance at my age even!

he literally never stops eating. his poor bowels. with weaning and the amount of meat he loves to consume he is back back backed up. let's just say he hasn't had an unassisted deucy-woosy (does it make it less disgusting if it rhymes?) in a week. why me?! why!? he gets so plenty of fiber, i make sure of it. but still just a miserable time downtown. 

on a less fecal note, he has the world's best dimples and i can rarely capture them on camera. they just melt my heart. his teeth are coming in super crooked and it only enhances his mini-man look he's got going on. 

he's just the fiestiest kid. i can only conjecture that it's all Hayes' fault. a year and a half of getting all your toys ripped from your fingers, getting sat on, knocked over, all manner of treats and juices taken from you can turn a man cold. we always warn Hayes that Cal will own him in a matter of months. good thing Hayes is real nice 90% of the time. we have a feeling Cal is going to be the one protecting Hayes at school. shudder! school.

somehow my sister and two sisters-in-law are all pregnant, leaving me the only eligible sister with a free-womb. i think about number three often, and when i might be ready for such a venture, but i am enjoying Cal and Hayes so very much. having the two of them so close together was the best decision i ever made next to baby daddy selection, of course. when i picture all the milestones, experiences, activities, and phases we have ahead of us everything seems so much more exciting knowing that they get to do it all together or pretty closeby one another. 

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Julie said...

Can I just say? ERRBODY'S PREGNANT. I got pregnant in September - twas a surprise! But really though, everyone I know and their sisters are pregnant. There's something in the water, I'm tellin ya!

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