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Brought to you by Salon K. a full-service salon located at 5047 Edgewood Drive in Provo, UT.(801) 226-7985 open Tuesday-Saturday. 

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Want to hear something absolutely nutty?  I will be speaking &  representing Small Fry on a panel at Alt Summit (an art and design blogging conference that from what i hear is the best ever and brings in the hippest coolest and bloggiest) in a couple weeks. let's all pick up our jaws of the floor together, shall we?

i was so grateful to see this awesome tutorial show up in my inbox, because we'll be at roughly 37 different events that weekend & i can only do my hair three different ways. 

well, today let's make that 5! here's two awesome versions of a super easy braid basket half-up do or full up-do!

1. start by braiding two braids on both sides of your head, just above your ears. 
2. bring each braid to the opposing side pinning it in place. 
3. moving to the next section closest to your face, braid another pair and repeat.
4. tuck the very tips of the braids (the paintbrush looking pieces after your elastic) into your braids and pin them down.

5. if you want a full up-do, continue to pull two pieces, braid and pin until you reach the very back of your head.

i think this is panel-worthy hair don't you? thanks Salon K!!


Muhammad Amir said...

If you want a full hair salon bloomington in up-do, continue to pull two pieces, braid and pin until you reach the very back of your head.

Claudia Goffe said...

This looks so pretty! I love this blog. Your hair looks so healthy and shiny, I am always jealous of my boyfriends beard, as he uses oils from Beyond Beards to make it look healthy, do you use any oils on your hair which I could try?

Andrew Marsh said...

I'll definitely share this with my girlfriend. I love fixing her hair and doing different hair styles. But there was a time when she mistakenly used my facial hair growth shampoo to her hair. She got mad.

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