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I enjoy watching awards show season so much. There's just nothing like it and I feel their joys and their pain for weeks after - seriously PTSD from Jennifer Lawrence's trip-up.

Salon K picked two of their favorite award show hair trends and simplified them way down so we can wear them all year round!

#1: The side sweep! Have you ever rocked this? It's super sexy, creates the appearance of body on one side while highlighting the neck and shoulders on the other. Right now I'm wondering why I haven't tried this yet? I'll give it a whirl and report back via instagram - @emilyframe - if you want to play along!

All you need to do for this is pull one side of your hair to the other and pin along the nape of the neck. That's my kind of tutorial right there.

#2: the fatty top-knot. Surely you've seen the sock-bun tutorial floating around? 
that is the quickest way to get the large top knot we all know and love.

but once you've got the girth you're looking for simply take the ponytail and twist it around your hair tie and watch it coil! if you like the appearance of thickness, you can always do what I do: let your hair fall around the ponytail on all sides, creating a sort of fountain water-fall effect. simply take your index finger starting at the top and swoop the hair around your head loosely and in a circular motino, you'll create same effect, with a little bit more messiness, and it ends up with a thin tail that is easy for pinning!

Thanks Salon K!

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