hayes, age three!

Oh my Hayes. He is almost three (on Sunday!) and I could just die. His little personality is so vibrant and sweet and the conversations we have daily leave me rolling. i've been trying to write them down (what my blog was once for, sniff sniff) and have got a good little collection. we deal with the same things Hayes and I have always grappled with, he likes to be in control and so do i. he doesn't want anyone to touch his stuff, and everyone does anyway, he wants all the games on the iTunes app store, and i told him we don't have any money. (literally 45 seconds later he had found a $50 bill somewhere and brought it to me, "Here's money! Let's buy Brave running game!"

Here's more of Hayes baby Hayes:

♡ I came home from a meeting and Hayes ran up to me and said "Mom! I pooped in the tweh-wet!! ... pauses for a moment and then adds, "And I pooped on the ground."

♡ later he asked "Can I get a present?" I must have look unconvinced because he added "I go poop all the time!"

♡ me: "Hayes what did you do in church today?" "Ummmm.... just played wif Jesus."

♡ me: "What is your favorite color, Hayes?" stink-eyes and says "I don't wanna talk." i need to get this on video because he says it sort of like Robert Deniro or something. So much attitude.

♡ "What should we call your beautiful painting, Hayes?" "Daddy! .. by Hayes! No... by Hayes's finger! (shows me his index finger.)

♡ Falling down on purpose and asking "Is that so sih-wee mom?"

♡ When I tuck him in at night and I say "Love you love you, Hayes" and he says "Wuff you wuff you mom."

♡ Nighttime talks while he's getting settled in his crib: "You're such a good boy, Hayes" and he reminds me of one naughty thing he did that day and how he made up for it. "I hit Wowa (Lola), cause she took my truck." "It's okay, buddy, you're still a good boy" "Yeah mom, I a good boy."

♡ When he's negotiating "How bout a cookie?" and I say "um, I don't think so." and he says "how bout two cookies!"  

♡ The boys bombarded me in the shower, so I let them get in and jumped out to get ready. Of course I had to take a picture of them in the tub   and so I stood on the edges of either side of the tub in my robe to get a bird's eye view of them. Hayes looked up and said "What IS THAT!" referring to the tunnel of which he entered this life. I died laughing. 

♡I don't usually talk to Cal in a baby voice, but Hayes sure does. In the highest pitched most sanguine tone, "Cally you're awaaaake! Oh Cally did you sleep gooood? Cally wants some juiiiice!?" 

♡ He gets equally mad at Cal and yells things like "Stop Crying!" "Don't touch any-fing!" and then I give him the look and he goes back to the high-pitched voice "Here Cally, trade!" and tries to trade something totally crappy like an empty tissue box for the best toy in the house. 

He's such a good boy. I simultaneously feel so blessed to know and love him, and guilty that he's probably gonna need therapy because of my crazy ass. 

Photos by Nicole for Small Fry.


Julie said...

TOO FUNNY!! Whatta cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

he is hilarious!!!

I've been following for years. so awesome to see him growing up

kitrwilson said...

Ohhhhh I love dis boy. So glad you're writing down his own darling view of the world! Laughing out loud at his antics and adorable face. Glad you always validate your son's emotions and let them be feeling boys. They'll grow up to be feeling men, and your daughters-in-law will so thank you!!


Elena said...

omg, laughed so hard at this

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