malc + annie belle

Another buddy got hitched last weekend and it was such a wonderful time from start to finish. Once again we're thrilled at the wife selection, Annie Belle is certainly one of the top 5 nice and sweetest people i know and we're just totally pleased seeing them both settled together.

 here's a peek at the weekend:

at the reception the boys really took to the dance floor and i might never have been prouder. Hayes was head-banging and following my every move. they both stole the show and i loved seeing them (and everyone else) enjoy their moves so much.
 the only time i could get Cal to hold still the whole night, he was running around the place all evening. he does this hilarious little thing where he puts both his elbows up like he's doing the funky chicken almost like they're helping him steer when he's taking sharp turns. he would sometimes stop to bob his head and bounce his knees a few times, or the occasional swim-move he loves so much. basically picture him laying on his stomach which his arms and legs ever so slightly in the air and they move up and down like he's swimming through water. that is is signature move.:

any excuse to get the buddies together is fine by us, but a wedding is the best reason ever. Congrats Annie Belle and Malcolm!


Hailey Devine said...

Yay so happy to meet you, and to find your cute blog!

Hailey Devine

kylee said...

your outfit is killer emily.

Erinn T said...

Please fill me in on your dress!? I adore it !

You looked so beautiful!

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