For Russ' birthday we had big plans to go the Morrissey Concert!
got our babysitter in order, had a nice dinner planned and then the Moz canceled, again!
this show was actually the raincheck for the original November show, which he also canceled. 
get it together, man.

we were sort of bummed, but took advantage! since all of Russ' best friends were heading into town for Malcolm's wedding, we threw in a little party for Russ while we were at it.

we are big fans of Hang Time in Orem, and it's basically a teenage boy (or a teenage boy trapped in an adult male body's) dream. slam dunk contests, dodgeball in a room full of trampolines, foam pits and more. they had to kick us out at closing time. really. multiple times they begged us to leave. 

the jerseys were not planned really. it helps when one buddy runs a vintage sports apparel shop on eBay. but it definitely made us all feel more legit.

happiest birthday Russ, i'm happy Moz let us down so the buddies could party, too.

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Anonymous said...

we have a place like this in Boston. I love to go. so much fun.

glad you guys got to celebrate as a group.

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