chicks, man.

so Russ is named after his Grandpa Bernard (pronounced Ber-nerd, I kid you not) and Bernard was a lifelong farmer. Bernard died right before Russ was born and I think they met up for lunch had some wink and snap transfer of knowledge and desire to farm, because Russ has it in him and it cannot be explained, he just wants to be a farmer goshdarnit.

if you recall there was that time we were moving to Minnesota... then there was that time we were going to be 20 acres of lake front farmable property a few cities North, Russ looked pretty aggressively at land all over Central Utah, Idaho etc, but there are so many things that get in the way of dreams, aren't there?

money. time. jobs. loved ones. 
all strikes against Russ' dreams so he sort of shelved them for awhile.

then one day the spark reignited. without so much as a heads up, he went to the local nursery for his usual round-up of fruit and vegetable seeds for the garden this year, but picked p a few extra supplies as well...

1. Dello. 
Cal called her dello because she was yellow, and that's how he says it. totally stuck!

2. Ozzy 
with the black beak.

3. Harriet
 with the red beak. 
Harriet is especially curious. Harriet the Spy is one of my childhood favorites, so that worked well.

and Dolly Parton. truthfully we can't tell her apart from Dello except for the fact that she's quite a bit - ahem - larger, if you catch my drift.

they're residing in our garage for a few more weeks until Russ builds them a chicken coop that after seeing the plans, i was preeeetty jealous of. its every mid-century lovers dream, really. 

to farming:
whether you're on 20 acres or 3/4ths!


tahnie said...

so much fun! we did this last easter, except they stayed living with my mom and dad. (haha!)

your boys make me smile!


Mara and Jae said...

we're only on half an acre and i'm more than ready to bring some chicks home for us :) love it! they're adorable.

Angela and Enrique said...

Way to go Russ! I love it. Are you guys going to keep them ...like indefinitely?

Julie said...

My in laws have chickens in southern Utah, and you'll never eat a better egg I swear to blog.

Silvia said...

Yes! Welcome to chicken parenthood! Fresh eggs without garbage in them are the best. And don't worry, they do just fine in Utah winters.

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