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Brought to you by Salon K. a full-service salon located at 5047 Edgewood Drive in Provo, UT.(801) 226-7985 open Tuesday-Saturday. 

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Today's good hair day is all about big hair. Big is back, and after Salon K's bumble blow out, I believe it whole heartedly.

Salon K is a Bumble and Bumble Salon so they carry their awesome line in house, and gave me a blow-out with the mousse and contour creme in their Thickening line, and as you can see, it works.

Kayti and me. Higher the hair, closer to God, right?

If you need your blow-out to last a good week, this is your bag baby. It's a good solid blow out that gave me the most volume of my life.

Ask for my sister Bethany, she's the best. Doi.


Beth Perry said...

how fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice ... " Big is back" Bridal Hair and Make up in CA

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