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I have a bout 1-2 gazillion things I should be doing, but instead I'm troubleshooting with a very unhelpful customer service rep, so naturally let's get a blog post out of this nonsense, shall we?

New York was a whirlwind trip to say the least. In typical Small Fry fashion we scheduled ourselves down to the minute to make sure we made the most of the trip.

Here's how the weekend went.

Wednesday night - RED EYE FLIGHT

11:30 pm to 6:30 am with delays. I swear with my whole soul I tried so hard to sleep. I could not. Every once and awhile I'd peek under my eye mask to see Jenna or Nicole trying real hard to do the same. They could not either.


We arrived at JFK and hopped in a cab to get to our hotel. No early check-ins, so we barged in on Bugaboo's PR wizard, Morgan, to change clothes in her room. Then to Central Park by 9:00 am to meet up with long time internet friend, Naomi Davis and her kids. 

Schlepped this tripod literally all over the city. Bruised shoulders and all.
Filming all morning and into the afternoon. I just loved Naomi, she is so great. So nice, so classy, and full of grace in her step and in her actions. Eleanor killed us all dead, and asked after grabbing my face "Are we fwens?" The cutest.

Then it was finally time to eat! Lucky me I got to meet another long long time blog friend, Sydney and is the most rad, laid back girl. We grabbed Magnolia banana pudding (dynamite!) and lunch at the Little Owl which is apparently the apartment building where TV show Friends was based. Their burger was the second best I've had. 
#1 is still Umami Burger.

After lunch it was time to film our contest winners (they are freaking amazing, and we can't wait to reveal them soon!) we walked all over Grenwich Village where I saw Bob Novogratz and promptly yelled "Novogratz!" at him like I hadn't seen him since we played college football together. He was as tall as a tree and so handsome. Then to finish off filming at a park, where Daniel Day Lewis stalked us. Sorry, DDL you can't be in this one.

Small Fry split early to run and finally check into our hotel, the drop dead gorgeous Standard Hotel on the Highline. We changed, took weird showers while the others were forced to look the other way. The Standard is a couples only hotel so see through showers made for an interesting time. (pic by @morgansmith!)

Then onto the reason for our trip. BUGABOO! Every year they do a collaboration with an artist or designer and this year was the Andy Warhol Foundation. They hosted the most amazing party, and we had a blast! Keep those tiny Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolates coming! 

Is it still Thursday? Yes. We were starved so one more dinner before we headed home. This was the highlight of my trip food-wise. Willow Road. The food was insane, and their Sticky Toffee Pudding blew my brains heavenward. Lance Bass sat in the next table over, and that was hilarious. 

We finally took our weary bones home after 36 hours awake. Slept like absolute logs. 


We got to sleep in for a bit before brunch at Pastis with Team Bugaboo. Second favorite food stop of the trip. Eggs Benedict, Pain au Chocolat, and about six other pastries left me feeling so satisfied. Their CMO was a bombshell from Amsterdam and I can only hope to maintain that level of coolness into my forties (she might have even been 50, but she looked dayum good.)

just being a giant next to these pixies.
although i must give credit to Syd, the girl can eat. usually i'm eating most people under the table, atta kid.
After Brunch it was time to film Natalie so we met her at Columbus Circle and took in the Upper West Side and the Empire State Building ending at the Flat Iron for some much needed Shake Shack. Another darn good burger. 

It was at this point in the trip that we found ourselves with a couple hours of free time. Whaaaaat?! So we went shopping on 5th Avenue and then couldn't seem to get back to Chelsea and blew dinner reservations at the Spotted Pig. So, we scrapped that and ate at the Standard's Grill. I heard good reviews, but it was just okay.

Then we headed up to the hotel where we had a school girl style late night with Syd and Nat until 2:30 am. Cause who needs sleep, right?


I woke up early and packed my gear and headed to Brooklyn to see my sister Charity. By God's grace she had delivered her first baby, Israel "Izzy" Adams a couple days prior. It was magical to be there with them in those early days, I miss it! But, not that much! 

And can we all give her a round of applause for going natural? She and I have similar birthing experiences, so she was walking around at a 7 before she started feeling contractions and had Iz only a few hours later. GO CHAR!

After a few hours together, I had to head back to the city, I was so sad to go! I made my way back and did a little food crawl at Chelsea Market with the girls. We ate delicious foods, specifically a lobster roll one chair away from Sex and the City's Berger, or Office Space too, I guess, altough it was his lesser role, if you ask me. and moved slowly through the market and it was so nice to just go at a regular person pace. 

We took another hour or so walking around Chelsea sitting at the tables in the middle of the street, enjoying the sunshine. It was so needed and turned my heart around for the city after feeling like I had been chewed up and hit by a bus.

Grabbed the world's nuttiest cab (he was a 25 year old cabbie named Assim, who although Pakistani, dreamt of being a Formula One race driver and showed us exactly how he'd maneuver if he was one. We were terrified.)

Hopped on a plane and after 3 solid days being together around the clock, we talked for 5 straight hours on the plane. People were pissed. It was great.

 And I'm still tired.

*Huge thank you to City Creek Center for hooking me up with some anniversary shopping just in time for this trip! It was at their grand opening where I first happened upon Cotton On which is now my preferred store for clothing. It made sense to pick up some more pieces from there on this City Creek's year anniversary! Pictured: the peplum white and blue floral top& the arrow graphic tee!


London said...

Sounds like you had such a blast! I am jealous to the max.

inside ashley's head said...
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inside ashley's head said...

You're all so so gorg!! Dying over how cute ya'll are! Please please do a tutorial on your hair-do when it is down and curled! XO!

Anne Hill said...

This trip sounds like my foodie dream! You girls are all looking gorg as usual

Erica Tanner said...

I love cotton on. You can find some goods there.

jenna said...

i'm so happy you documented this em!!!

Tiffany said...

Your life is so dreamy.

Brandon and Katie said...

I love new York! sounds amazing. how fun that you got to snuggle little izzy. I just had my second boy totally natural. I got a lot of my inspiration from you! Such an amazing experience.

J+H @ Beyond The Stoop said...

yikes! sounds like an exciting, whirlwind trip :) I walk past little owl ALL. THE. TIME. but I've never tried it... brunch at little owl next weekend might be calling my name ;)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

loved following everyone's NYC adventures! looks like you all had such a good time. :)

Katie Jo said...

Amazing! Gorgeous ladies, all of you!



JAM said...

Hey love your black hat. Sadly mine from Paris was stolen at a music festival and I've been looking for one to replace it. Would love to know the brand. Also, love those striped pants. Thanks and great style!

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