the three day hopper

first stop:

Cars Land! Hayes' face is so hard to read. he made this all day. it's part awe and wonderment and maybe a little overwhelmed, too.

the first day, luck was on our side all day long. we knew we wanted to get on the new Radiator Racers,   grabbed fast passes that morning for 8 pm that night! crazy. 
while we were walking around maybe 30 minutes later,  randomly, a manager approached us and offered us fast passes for the ride for right then. crazy! we headed back to hop on.

Hayes wasn't tall enough by maybe 1/3 of an inch, so Russ stuffed his shoes with napkins and we tried one more time. they measured him 4 total times before we got to ride it. i was holding my breath the whole time. the napkins pulled through!

flik's bumper cars / winnie the pooh ride / napkin stuffing / junkyard jamboree (our family fave!) / hayes and i walking through the two hour racer ride wait, he was so excited / and the rocket misters at the pizza place where we spent $85 on two pizzas, ha!

after the ride we walked passed Buzz Lightyear right as he was pulling into his photo op. no line had formed yet, so we were in and out. by the time we were done the line was easily an hour long. unreal.

here's a bit of Cal that weekend. every ride we got off he didn't want it to end, he would cry and cry. i've never seen him so excited then when we were on it's a small world. 

cooling off at the ladybug splash pad.

night time at Disney is so fun. Cal rarely made it. also, this trip would've been such a rough one without Russ' mom. she was such a huge help and then we'd put the boys to bed and she'd listen for them so we could do Disney just the two of us.

here's a few of our ride pics:

1. Space Mountain was another lucky one. a 1 hour 15 minute wait, then the ride got shut down. they had no idea when it would be back up, so of course people dropped like flies, and we quickly made it to the front of the line, then a few minutes later the ride reopened. so we waited for like 15 minutes instead. LUCK! 

2. california screamin' where we saw twilight's ashley greene in line. 

3. Splash Mountain. one night when we went out after the boys slept, we went to Splash Mountain, there was no wait and so we had a log to ourselves. we were obviously giddy to be kid-free and loopy-tired so when we decided for the photo-op we would just "go limp" it would be super funny. 

4. the racers! i wish so badly you could see Hayes' face. he was totally quiet the whole ride and covered his eyes a couple times, but seemed to love it.

before & after.
the parades and World of Color were so much fun. its so rewarding to see things through your kids eyes! Cal was completely taken by the whole thing. his deep voice yelling "Hi!" and waving at everyone was so sweet.
one of my favorite moments was when Peter Pan came through the parade and Hayes said "Peter Pan! I have those shoes!" who knew Peter rocked Minnetonkas?

 and family vacations always reaffirm that there's no one else i'd rather experience my life with then Russ. he makes everything more fun!

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kylee said...

world of color is amaaaaazing. disney magic at its finest. and now i want to go to disneyland.

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