happy 2nd birthday, honeyman!

the eve of my kids birthday's are always the same. i sit at this computer late into the night and try to log anything and everything about the past year and their sprouting personalities as i can think of. i am usually listening to something emotional and moving like sigur ros, and i am usually crying. why do i do this to myself?! because i am a thinker. this brain of mine really doesn't stop and writing is mostly a maintenance service for it. 

so july 25th. two years ago i was unaware that i would have my sweet baby boy the very next day. but came he did. in thirty minutes flat

Callum Kartchner Frame - Honeyman (mine), Shmoopy (Russ') Tao-Tao-Mao-Mao-Tao-Mao (another one of Russ' that obviously got out of hand),  Cow Cow (Hayes'), or just plain Callum when he's in trouble.

  • he talks like a three year old. long sentences filled with his wants and needs, his grievances and annoyances. "no mama, i don't want Dut Tawes (duck tales) i want Dabba (yo gabba gabba)
  • he drags out each reply he gives anyone, "do you want juice?" with a three second long "yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh!"
  • his voice is low and raspy until he gets excited and then he sounds like a tiny girl.
  • if he is really not cool with something he says it over and over again "i don't wanna i don't wanna i don't wanna" super fast.
  • he and his brother ride their plasma cars with three other neighbor kids around the cul-de-sac and down the steeper driveways all day long. these cars have clocked hundreds and hundreds of hours. he used to be far behind the big kids, but now he keeps up just fine. 
  • he hardly bends his legs when he runs and his arms flap behind him like a bird. 
  • he is fiery and blatantly disobedient all day long, but he is so stinking sweet too, i have to force myself to discipline him. when he sits on top of the toilet seat and gives me that squinty grin with his head cocked to the side, sweet as can be, i want to snuggle him instead of fulfill the time out that he went there for in the first place. its usually throwing stuff on the ground, down the stairs, in the toilet that gets him in trouble too.
  • he is really independent, will play on his own for hours and is completely opposite of Hayes in that regard. i lost him for a few minutes and he had wandered into a neighbor's house, up the stairs and started reading books on the floor. he doesn't get shy, but he is still reserved. he doesn't pay too much attention to people, but definitely has his favorites.
  • he's wicked smart and has a great memory like Hayes. when we're en route to a family member's house he will call their name out miles before we arrive. "gigi's owse!" "papa's owse!"he knows the way! 
  • his hair is getting long, but not thick. as far as we can tell it only grows from a one inch circumference on the crown of his head. like a beet. 
  • we have a strict night time routine that no one else is allowed to perform. i give him two sippy cups of whole milk in his red rocking chair, i hold him like a baby and he loves it. i sing to him, i tickle him, he sings to me, and grabs my face to look at his if i ever look away. i remember a letter to him i wrote when he was only a few months old and he did that very same thing.
  • he is so full of life and laughter. tonight i had bubble gum in my mouth and blew bubbles for him and the chair was soaked with milk because he was laughing so hard it would just dribble out of his cheeks. 
  • like Hayes his arch nemesis is going #2. lately when he finally wraps up his business he looks at me excitedly and says "I did it!!"
  • he loves "Ace-Ee" Hayesie so much and is usually totally annoyed with Hayes' constant love and affection, but if Hayes plays hard to get Cal will love on him too, it's really sweet.
  • he has never slept as long as Hayes does, even still Hayes out sleeps and out naps him, but he still loves it and asks to go nigh-nigh every day. 
  • he has a thing for shoes, he wants to pick them, and don't you dare take them off his feet before he's ready or he'll cry, for a long time. so offended.
  • he used to be the fattest baby and now he's long and skinny, with a tiny frame for his little shoulders than t-shirts fall right off of. all that's left is a little tuft of fat on his ankles.

    to put it quickly, we love Callum so much. he is his own man, he's an old soul. he loves his mama and he loves his family. i recently finished East of Eden and wished i had read it before Cal was born so i could say he was named after Cal Trask. one thing i love about both of these Cals is that they have that unruly, independent spirit. they know how to win over a crowd, and argument, and get what they want, i can see Cal Frame choosing to be good when he knows he could do otherwise, and i love that about him, just like Cal Trask. here's some more pics from my Intsta-feed that i love:

    happy birthday Honeyman!


kate said...

Your posts about your sons leave me crying every time.

Dana White said...

He looks JUST like YOU!!

<3 Dana

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