Russ and I sat out on the porch watching our kids ride around our cul-de-sac for what has to be the hundred thousandth time and we were going over what we have going on this week, as you do. When I got to Wednesday and the words "first day of school" spilled out, we both stopped in our tracks. How did we arrive to this giant moment already? We were not just two high school kids a breath ago? I think back to when I first met Russ at 15 and 17 and what if I had a flash-forward to see these two beautiful boys and this most lovely life we lead together? We didn't see that for ourselves until much much later, but it's a crazy thought I must say.

Now that we're the parents of one school-bound Hayes, I have to let go of control big time. Have I mentioned I love and value control in a situation a great deal? To put it nicely. I can't be with Hayes all the time anymore, and I hope and pray that life outside my reach is kind to him, and that he is kind in return.

To celebrate all these monumental moments, me letting go a little, Russ resisting the urge to pull him out and homeschool him until college, Cal missing out and missing his best friend for a few hours twice a week, Osh Kosh B'Gosh at Kohl's sent us to do a little shopping. I let the boys pick out whatever they liked, and then I filled in the blanks with a few things they needed, like jackets. Oof, I'm such a mom!
Of course Hayesie picked the shark t-shirt and I had to snap some picks of him while he played (and licked?!) play dough on the counter the other day.

I sure love this Hayes baby Hayes, I know he'll be and do wonderful things, even if I don't get to witness them firsthand all the time anymore. I also posted my first Instagram video and am a little embarrassed at my failing teaching skills -- see it on @emilyframe.


Dana White said...

What a fine young man! He will love school and you will learn to love school. You'll be the best room mom in the world... Even pre-school teachers appreciate helpful hands now and then. :)

Gretchen Walker said...

πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”that Hayes...
I dread the day I have to send Jude to school. Without me. They should make mommy ministers to be able to peek in. Too much?

Gretchen Walker said...


Ajay Singh said...

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