matt clayton family photos

Matt Clayton and I have a long work history together. I have styled countless photoshoots, projects, and fashion spreads with him over the last eight+ years - in fact more than half of my styling portfolio was photographed by him. He photographed Russ + my wedding and then the was the last time we've been in front of his lens.
So when he approached the Frame crew to participate in the 
Gap at the University Mall in Orem Fall Denim Campaign, I was so so excited. 
I've been wanting family photos from him since before I had a family, because his talent is just amazing.

I am just one of the many people - artists, musicians, designers - Matt has put together for this campaign and everyday on the @GapAtUniversityMall Instagram feed you can see a new face.

But here's the only faces that really matter, haha:

It might be hard to tell, but our boys were laughing hysterically while they were upside down and begging us to do it "Again! Again!" 

i wish there was a bigger better word than thank you. but that's all i've got, so thank you Mr. Matt Clayton.


Gretchen Walker said...

Dying!!! These are so perfect.

Annie said...

GAH!!!! These are all so priceless. The two of Hayes and Russ made me tear up. And you look incredible. I love them all. Sweet little Callum in the last one - are you kidding me?! I could go on, and on.

kim said...

These shots are adorable. You're a lucky mama!

Jessica M said...

I love this idea for family photos-so much better than posed and I love the silliness to them!


Minh Nguyen said...

Hahha awesome photos! So spontaneous ♡

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kristen said...

Do not stop this cuteness EVER! These are ADORABLE!!!

Laura said...

These pictures are so amazing! I love them!

charity said...

Uh, you smoked Ralph Lauren! Most beautifully.

Lauren Foster said...

sweet pictures!

charity said...

oh my gash. so I won't lie. I haven't checked blogs in ages and am now going back through the last year. oh I love you.

charity said...

bahahah...and now i see that i did check this. where is my brain? I can't find it.

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