eighth anniversary

Anniversary number eight. My my.
October 20th fell on a Sunday this year, so we basically celebrated all weekend, which was fun!
I talked Russ into taking the morning off so we got donuts for breakfast, drove up to Ikea to get some more un-neccessities, and then he helped me get the boys into bed for naps before taking off for the afternoon. have i said this before? quality time (only when it comes to Russ) is my love language. i've said this before, i'm sure. i don't require time of virtually any other person on this planet, except him. i enjoy him that much, and when he sacrifices time to hang out, i am in heaven.

we had a babysitter for that night too, so we could get Black Sheep's green chili stew. we tried it first last year and both died over it, so we've been waiting months for the weather to cool off so we could eat it again! it's just one of those foods you can't eat unless it's cold out. locals: go, and be dazzled. 

We went to the temple. Not OUR temple, where we got married, but a temple. It's basically like a vow renewal every time you go, such a great reminder of promises we made each other as wee babes of 19 and 21. we came out feeling peaceful, and apparently needed sunglasses.
 Quickest costume change ever, so we could drop the boys off at the 3rd babysitter of the weekend, sorry kids! We zipped up to our dinner reservation...

Ruth's Chris! Russ is SUCH a steak person. In turn our boys have turned into steak freaks. Side Note: Hayes requests Texas Roadhouse for dinner all too often, we get them an 8 ounce steak to split, they eat at least 4 rolls per, fries, onion blossom, chocolate milk, and peanuts galore. Am I a freak that nothing makes me happier knowing they're eating a million calories? 

just driving... for those who asked my necklace is an Anna Bee "Horizontal Plate" necklace. it has our anniversary "1020" inscribed, so naturally, sentimentally, i wore it all weekend.

Speaking of a million calories. Dinner. And I wouldn't mind a banana creme pie brulee every day until forever. 
You know the concert drill by now, this time we saw Jeremy Messersmith. His voice! I'll let it slide that he sat at the bar woo-ing some co-ed while we waited for an HOUR for him to get on the stage. 
hope she was worth it & you owe our babysitter, Jer.


Bri said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You guys are the cutest ever!! OK I've never commented before but I'm a huge fan of yours! I've been following you for a few years now. I don't remember how I initially found your blog but I fell in love with your writings & your sense of humor and of course your beautiful family. I totally cried major happy tears for you all when you had Callum, I was SO happy for you guys...felt like a creeper afterwards though, who cries for someone they never met?!? Interwebz makes you do weird stuff I tell ya. Anyways I swear I'm not a creeper stalker or anything but I find myself checking your site often hoping for an update on you. I also stalk, oops I mean follow! you on Instagram and love seeing your beautiful images. Anyways just wanted you to know that I am in awe of the way you live your life and how you mother your beautiful boys. You inspire me to be a better person all around and a better mom even though I don't have 2 sweet boys and only have a 13 year old daughter (um... best birth control ever, just have a teen girl!!! hahaha) I love love love reading your posts & just find you to be an all around amazingly beautiful person in so many ways. I've missed your posts on here but adore all things Small Fry so that works too but you should know whenever I see an update on this blog it sorta feels like Christmas! ;) Thanks for being who you are & sharing with us. I hope you know that you are an inspiration and a bright ray of sunshine in this stranger's world. Sorry if this is creepy but couldn't resist the urge to share today, hope you understand & can sense I'm for reals over here. Take care! Peace, Love & chicken grease! ~Bri

Emily Frame said...

Bri i am so flattered and shocked by all these nice things you've said. It brought me to tears and makes me miss blogging here so much more! Thank you for taking the time to write, it really means a lot to me.


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