the halloween haps

blogging about halloween the week before christmas! just keeping it classy.

Hayes rolls out of preschool with the funniest stuff. this hat is my fave!

he wouldn't take it off for a few days. it was awesome.
being festive // our accidental "F U" pumpkins. whoops.

 Cal is knee deep in the "I do it" phase. Have at it kid, pull that 30 pound wagon of pumpkins.

just feeling emotional on a hay ride. i'm blessed, we're blessed, i love my life. oh look a baby goat. cry cry cry.

Halloween is finally here.
Hayes with his buddies. Rashelle was oogie boogie and terrified all the children. too funny.

 the thing that's terrible about holidays when you're an active instagrammer is the surprise is taken out of it. half the fun is seeing people's costumes for the first time so just like a normal person would, we had different costumes for every party. totesnorms.

the annual neighborhood halloween parade.

a butter fly and a potted flower. // the candy cannon is e'ryones fave.

costume #2 - a beat and a mod. i just wanted an excuse to do twiggy eye make-up. russ was pissed, that beret!! hahaha. except he felt better when people thought he was Cody from Heavyweights.

costume #3. moral of the story i'm only dressing up on halloween from here on out. 

trick or treating! so much frickin fun!!

cue more tears while watching them be big boys and stuff.

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