California February 2014

We went to Newport Beach for the last buddy, Trent's wedding to Denise!
We all rented a beach house together, 5 couples, and 4 kids all under one roof. We had the best time, and I would do a beach house trip with these people monthly. That's how much we enjoyed ourselves.

The beach!

The house: 
One block away from the beach and every night after the kids went to sleep we stayed up way too late swapping stories. We celebrated Russ' 30th birthday here and this was the night they all shared their favorite stories about him. Some I had never heard before, which is a rarity after 12 years together!

Cal loved it here. He is a beach baby through and through. He can run around, scream as loud as he wants, and no one bugs him. Dream world!

Then we had a day of wedding celebrations at the Newport Temple
you can see the wedding party behind those trees, it was a beautiful day!

and a shot of everyone. it makes me so happy to see everyone with babies in their arms. this trip was definitely different than the rest, in all the best ways. 

so luckily, i had won a trip to Disneyland a few weeks before we left. we weren't planning on going at the time, but with free tickets, why the heck not? we went for one day and Hayes had the best time. Cal of course would rather be at the beach, like he literally wouldn't wear shoes at Disneyland.
we got stopped by so many "characters" and employees. feel free to try and pry some shoes on this kid, Goofy. I'd love to see you try!

Shoeless Joe right here. And the most bushed Hayes.

 Last Disney trip we attempted to see Pooh Bear a few times, and he was ALWAYS on break. this time, luck struck and we were finally there at the right time.
still shoeless.

and still...

and a couple randoms from our trip home, we stopped in Vegas for Russ' actual birthday because he loves it so much! we all caught up on much needed missing naps and sleep staying up with the buddies. it was a nice re-entry to real life!

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