Hayes' 4th birthday party

For Hayes' 4th birthday party we congregated at the Little Gym. Their parties are so great, they literally do everything. And they tailored the whole party to superheroes so Hayes was in heaven.

I did the party at the Little Gym so I would just enjoy the day, and not worry about details or making the party "enough" of anything, screw that! but of course, somehow i managed to let myself make capes for everyone. haha!

Absolute wonder underneath the parachute:

This face, made my whole day.

getting sung to. trying to play it cool:
my fam:

it wouldn't be a birthday without a little side of sad. i totally get it, i have the bday sads every year.
so glad he comes to me to cheer him up and hold him for awhile.
it's a privileged position.

maybe the best part about having remarried parents is how many new people your kids have in their lives that love them. everyday for a week we had different family members over to make him feel extra special. what a lucky boy!!

the next day i found him holding his balloons and eating a cupcake while i was getting ready.
at every turn he was celebrating.

At this restaurant of choice, Texas Roadhouse. the kid loves steak and rolls.

and one lucky little guy to have all these awesome friends.
he is such a fun-loving and kind friend, i'd want to be Hayes' friend, too!

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