cal's summer

I finally got the boys to the dentist earlier this Summer and I knew Cal's were going to be a doozy. He went from breastmilk to almond milk and would have a sippy cup right before bed. So much sugar! 
As expected he needed 4 crowns on top, and he was so brave. They knocked him right out and coming out of anesthesia was no fun but he bounced back pretty quick. I love these cute chompers! He also seemed a lot happier afterward, I think his teeth were hurting him more than he or I realized.

Swimming fool!

Going down the slide. He held his hands in this position the whole way down.

Finally started to like (like meaning tolerate) Sunbeams. Piggyback from Cohen.
In general he is just the wackiest kid and we laugh at him all day.

My favorite thing about Callum continues to be laughing fits. He and I are constantly laughing together and if the other one starts to calm down, we can start each other right up again. I can usually get him to laugh when he's mad, sad or even hurt. He gets giggliest at night and is usually laughing with himself about something until he falls asleep.

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Mushbir Nidhal said...

So cute, Thank for sharing..........

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