fall 2015

Just sticking with what's working here, a post a season. ;)
Hayes had his first day of Kindergarten. He was making these kooky faces all day. I don't think he could've hid his nerves if he tried! Made him turn around on his way on the bus for this one:
I personally kept it together until this moment. His teacher came out to line them up and he was off. Hurt the heart! He's so big, and he's so small, you know?
We did a few really awesome hikes with my hiking friends. This is the Three Sisters hike.
Lots of family time as usual...
Twin poses, kills me.

Small Fry went to NYC for an event, it was such a train wreck. So many things went wrong when it came to the event, but the days before were wonderful! And we saw Matilda! Super super cute. 
I loved the message and the tweaks they made from the book and movie. I had to right? Grateful my friends were willing.
More Fall things:

Kiddie Hikes
picking our christmas tree early

Pumpkin patches

Halloween! King, Queen, Knight and Dragon. Russ and mine were straight from our closets. Impressive right?

Papa T made his annual Fall trip and brought these crazy rocket launchers. We got one off before breaking it. Ha!

Just a photo of Cal's room after he was in time-out. I had a good laugh.

The boys. They really are so close. I've stopped worrying about the wrestling, fighting, teasing so much and tried to give them their space to figure it out. Seems to be helping! Just in time for another sibling to throw a wrench! ;)

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