Absolute picture overload. We had the best time and are for sure making a Winter tropical trip a must. I feel like a new woman. Russ works so dang hard and he says it feels like Groundhog Day over and over so breaking up the Winter when there's not as many after work options was everything to us. The boys got the active quality time they crave and they really thrive trying new things. Love that about them!

I must give Cal a bad wrap since he can't smile in photos people assume he is actually ticked the whole time, but he had a blast. He does best with few limits and the beach is the best place for that. A rare candid smile out of him! If he's being cooperative he does the Chandler Bing type, or if he didn't want to take a pic he's pissed. Exhibit A:

All inclusive was amazing too with that Kidz Club, it was a baby moon half the time and a family vacation the other half. WIN! We hadn't planned on using it but the boys begged everyday so they went a bit each day and we loved it too.
Post massage.
Candy Shop open all day with nothing but desserts. We were here a loooot.

Showing off how far he swam. Getting super good! Next project is Cal, he's a sinking brick.

He's just such a good kid. Always thinking, planning, analyzing, deconstructing. 
Making lists. 
Wonder where he got it? Honestly I don't really show that side of myself to them, but he for sure got it from me. Including a bit of my anxiety, poor kid. Keeping my eye on it for sure, I only recently realized what I thought was onset anxiety at around 19 for myself was probably there all along. Interesting what you learn when you parent your own kid!
Russ was so cute. Just asking all the time "This is included?!" as if the rug was gonna be pulled out from under him. He's so used to us hemorrhaging money (as he says) it was so nice to not have to shell it out all week.

All in all an absolute dream!!

 In closing a story: The shuttle to the airport was my first sign, but the whole trip home was awful. I was so nauseous and then started throwing up in the middle of our flight home. Our whole row was cleaned out of air sick bags, the row next to us, too. The line to the bathroom was epic and there was a drink cart in front of the other bathroom. SO gross, but I held it in my mouth for an eternity while Russ dumped out that shark backpack below. Then I promptly threw that shark backpack into the trash. Thanks for everything shark backpack. I threw up the rest of the flight and then the whole drive home and then 24 more hours after that. Maybe I caught a Mexican barf bug? But I felt okay it was just that I couldn't keep anything down! After a certain point you just can't come back, I was so dehydrated. A liter fluid bag at the doc office helped for sure. Definitely a memory that is not funny yet, but surely will be. Pre-flight backpacks:

Adios Cancun, we'll be back!

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