california adventure

We finally planned a trip for me and my siblings to all meet up for some fun! We missed Bethany, Collin and Casey but hoping we can keep it up. It's crazy how a parents divorce even as an adult makes everyone have to sort of figure things out as siblings. Who is gonna plan things, how are we going to spend time together even if there's hard feelings between siblings and parents, how to take charge of our unit even though it's changed. Parents are usually the ones who plan and produce and as siblings we're all rusty but hopefully we'll get better at it!

We had two days at a Beach House with Charity and Tim in Newport to enjoy before we headed into Disneyland. Chad and his family came down for one day too which was a blast. 

Saw seals and ate lunch at Ruby's

 I think I've said this before but Max and Hayes are inseparable each time we visit. I wish for that reason alone they lived closer. Max is so cute and fun and energetic but still a really good kid.

Cal hates pictures. What can I say?

Breakfast at Anita's on the Island - walked through the islands cutest houses all in a row.

Ferry ride!

With fresh market berries.

We all live for the beach!
Next stop Disneyland!

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